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      Boris Momtchev

      1. Create a Topic

      On the front page, you should see a list full of sections, called “forums”. These should lead to a list of relevant forum topics, and possibly comments.

      Forum topics are private, except Welcome to Phorcides Support forum, which means you have to login to be able to read, comment and create topics.

      Please, create your topics under the relevant Forum. For example, if you run into an issue while installing Phorcides, create your topic under “Report Installation Issues” forum section.

      It’s best if you use “Visual” editor, as the toolbar is more user friendly. Type your new topic into the text field, and use some of the features of the toolbar to make your text bold, italic, align it left or right, and also to attach a link or image.


      Users can comment under a specific topic. Again, use the Visual editor for best experience. Before you submit your comment, check the notification box under the text section if you’d like to be notified about follow-up replies.

Viewing 0 reply threads
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